by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Smart devices on the internet of things a disaster waiting to happen

Missed this the first time round, but here’s Peter Bright at Ars discussing the disaster waiting to happen when your manufacturer drops support for your smart fridge.

Our fridges, cars, and TVs are not even on a two-year replacement cycle. Even if you do replace your TV after it's a couple years old, you probably won't throw the old one away. It will just migrate from the living room to the master bedroom, and then from the master bedroom to the kids' room. Likewise, it's rare that a three-year-old car is simply consigned to the scrap heap. It's given away or sold off for a second, third, or fourth "life" as someone else's primary vehicle. Your fridge and washing machine will probably be kept until they blow up or you move houses.

Even Microsoft have been known to drop support for platforms leaving customers out in the dark (I know this from experience, having tried to activate a GfWL copy of Halo 2)—so it’s impossible to see how companies like Samsung, or, god forbid, Electrolux or Russell Hobbs, will continue to provide updates for these smart devices of any kind.