by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Disagreement and harrassment

PZ Myers neatly sums up the difference between ‘disagreeing with someone’ and ‘harrassment.’

These objectors [to the new American Atheists code of conduct] are obtuse and wrong. This does not say you may not *disagree* with someone; it does not say you may not publicly express a different opinion; it does not say you have to be kind and gentle to bad ideas.
It says you may not **harass** someone.

Although written here in respect to what can politely be described as the “holier-than-thou reddit-reading misogynist neckbeard,” it’s basically a perfect demarcation for any similar situation. (Dealing with sexism, racism, political disagreements, religious or non-religious debate, gender issues, the Tumblr social justice brigade ready to leap down the throats of anyone who is unaware of their own privileged position in life… the lot.)

Bookmarking for quotability.