by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Realtime Trains

My friend Tom is a genius. I don’t use that term lightly. He’s a software engineer who’s cleverer, more tenacious, more diligent and more ambitious than I could ever hope to be.

He’s just launched the new version of his website for British railway times, Realtime Trains. Frankly I feel like a cheat when I say I offered him some help with it,1 but I’ve been using the testing version for some time and it’s a fantastic improvement. Not just on the old version of his site, but also on anything else. National Rail Enquiries’s app doesn’t have a patch on this in terms of elegance and precision.

Basically, if you travel on National Rail services in the UK, this is what you should be using to find out when your next train is. Full stop.

  1. Some stylistic suggestions and proofreading some of the UI text and wording. Now you see why I feel like a fraud when I claim to have helped with it. (I’ve seen some of the more algorithmic code underlying RTT. It’s terrifying.)