by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Pathways Into Darkness ported to OS X

Bungie’s first attempt at a first-person shooter game was Pathways into Darkness, a survival horror-cum-adventure game in which you must activate a nuclear device in the bowels of an ancient Mesoamerican pyramid. It was released for the ‘old world’ MacOS in 1993.

There are pre-echoes of Bungie’s later work in Marathon and Halo, and you have to search the corpses of your enemies for ammunition and health, which makes it just like BioShock Infinite1. Unusually, it had a user interface with widgets, and looks just like any other Macintosh application from its time period.

Now, Pathways has been ported to OS X by Bruce Morrison. It’s not going to be gracing any ‘game of the year’ awards any time soon, but it’s worth playing for a fascinating piece of gaming history. (Also, it’s fiendishly difficult.)

  1. OK, that’s exaggerating a little.