by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Lara and I: the new Tomb Raider

Gwen Gilman discusses how the new Tomb Raider is an excellent step in the right direction for the franchise, reinventing Lara Croft as an adventurer rather than incidental eye candy:

In the concept art Lara stands face-on, looking directly out at the viewer with a face-off stare. She looks determined, and desperately in need of a bath. All this and the bow slung over her shoulder, she looks positively adventurous[...] I didn’t feel, as I did as a young girl, that she was made for someone else to ogle any more. This Lara, with her badass glare, adventure-worn appearance and confident stance, this Lara was made for me.

It’s a good look at the odd area of Tomb Raider’s marketing, and how virtually all of these tropes are eliminated in the game proper. There are some interesting comparisons between survival horror games such as Dead Space, and the odd disparity between Tomb Raider’s guttural, visceral marketing and the absence of the Eye-Poke Machine™ in Dead Space 2’s marketing or paraphernalia.