by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] ARG for Bungie's new game

Bungie, creators of Marathon and Halo, appear to be unveiling their new game next week. Bits of it have already leaked.

They have a tradition, by now, of doing extraordinarily elaborate alternate-reality games (ARGs) surrounding their product announcements and launches. It started prior to the announcement of the first Halo at Macworld 1999, with the Cortana Letters, sent from a mysterious email address to a Marathon fan site.

These things are great. They’re more subtle than traditional publicity stunts, and since they’re usually done by people involved in the creation of the product, they’re usually more tightly-intertwined with in-universe lore. Moreover, they’re the closest you and I, as mere mortals, will ever get to being Batman defeating the Riddler.

Being a massive commercial tease has its advantages.