by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Ubuntu for Mobile

“Ubuntu now fits on your phone,” proclaims the headline. (You can’t actually buy a phone with Ubuntu on it yet, and the only phone I’ve been able to conclusively confirm support for is the Galaxy Nexus, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

Once again, superficially, a PC that fits inside a phone is an enticing prospect. I remain sceptical, though: I am struggling to think of use cases where I’d actually want a local terminal on my phone, or to run the ‘same’ application as on my desktop (albeit with a refactored UI.)

It’s a different approach from Apple’s and Google’s, and time will tell if it pays off or not. But I fear that it’ll already be too late. The market has been snatched with grabby hands by iOS and Android, with Microsoft barely able to muscle in and RIM being squeezed out.

Although it’s an interesting concept, I worry that an Ubuntu Phone might be doomed from the start, and, in the very best case, playing catch-up.