by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Twitter reduces to gloop

As Twitter for Websites has evolved, it has improved upon many of the features we introduced with @Anywhere: Tweet box, follow, linkify a @username, sign-in, and the hovercard. As a result, we are sunsetting @Anywhere and focusing on continuing to build out Twitter for Websites.

Let’s make this entirely clear. “Sunset” is a euphemism for “deprecate” or “kill,”1 used solely by people who think those words carry a negative connotation.

This management jargon creeping into deprecation announcements is a further indicator that the attractive API and development platform that helped build Twitter is being slowly eroded, broken apart, to make way for tools for measuring Social Influence™, customer relationship managers and tools for braaaaaaaaaaaands.

  1. As in, to kill off a product, of course; however, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if a business graduate accused of murder ultimately confessed to sunsetting the victim with a length of lead piping.