by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Everyone except Motorola: don't ban U.S. Xbox imports

Ars Technica:

Motorola won a ruling that Microsoft infringes four patents (links to the patents here), two of which relate to the H.264 video coding standard. Microsoft has also won an ITC import ban ruling against Motorola Android devices that infringe Microsoft patents—but Microsoft asserted patents that hadn't been pledged to industry standards, and thus aren't encumbered by FRAND obligations.

It must be clear by now to the U.S. legislature by now that the patent system is a cretinous anarchronism, used almost solely by opportunistic lawyers egged on by corporate bean-counters1 to stifle innovation and competition in the bud.

  1. With the occasional case of a deceased and capricious businessman waging “holy war” against a software platform.