by Jonathan Rothwell

[LINK] Steve Jobs, Nut

Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica speaks to Ken Segall, former ad man at TWBA\Chiat\Day, about one of Steve Jobs’s crazier ideas:

One time Jobs approached the inner circle about hiding a golden ticket in iMac boxes to celebrate the sale of the millionth iMac. The finder of the golden ticket would be flown to Cupertino where Jobs would dress up as Willy Wonka (yes, really) and take that person on a tour of the company—no chocolate river was included in the plan. "Our response was, 'you're going to embarrass yourself,'" Segall said. "But he really wanted to do it. In fact, the only thing that did derail the plan was the legal part."

Part of me isn’t surprised by this at all. Jobs did once describe his business model as being Beatles-like, in that it consisted of around four or five people who balanced out each other’s negative tendencies. Certain other technology executives could probably take a few cues here (hint hint, Mister Ballmer.)