by Jonathan Rothwell


I saw this poster on the QMUL campus today:


It probably neatly sums up why I despise student politics, and why, as a political lefty, I despise the Socialist Worker movement.

It’s an empty chant. It says nothing other than “I hate you.” The Socialist Worker movement is driven by irrational hatred—automatic hatred of anyone perceived to have had a privileged upbringing, or who has a vaguely libertarian world view.

Just think about it for a moment. By declaring all Conservatives to be “scum,” it is placing all Tories in the same category as paedophiles, domestic abusers, racists and fascists.

Fees are shit, and most of the Tory policies are shit—that doesn’t make David Cameron a vandal, nor does it make him scum. To declare him to be such a thing is just another example of hot-air politics.