by Jonathan Rothwell

About spoken posts

Some posts and pages have spoken versions, read out loud by yours truly. This is an experimental feature of It’s partly for my own benefit—I find that I remove a lot of the stupid stuff I write when I read it back, aloud—and also for the benefit of people who, for whatever reason, would prefer to listen to’s content rather than read it. There are a few caveats:

  • The only available format is MP3. If I can find a way of using JS to detect codec support and serve an appropriate file, I shall, but for now, MP3 is your lot.
  • There is no podcast feed of any kind.
  • Since the files are recorded by me, on my computer, in my flat, they are liable to have white noise, crackling and other artefacts. I am also not a trained voice artist, so you are likely to hear me regularly sucking in breath or pausing as I stumble over my words: for this, I can only apologise.

If you have feedback, or a suggestion for improvement, please let me know. My contact details are easy to find on this site.

Thank you for reading